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Capacity Building Services for Nonprofits

Capacity Building Clinics

The Capacity Building Clinic is designed to provide a research-based framework and tools for nonprofit organizations to enhance their ability to build capacity.  The session provides information about capacity building as well as an intensive hands-on opportunity for teams to engage in assessing their organization’s capacity and develop action plans for building capacity. Outcomes include:


Participants will increase their understanding of capacity building.


Teams comprised of staff and board members from nonprofits will work together to complete a capacity assessment.


Teams will prioritize assessment results and develop action plans for increasing capacity.

 The Capacity Building Clinics can be offered in a variety of formats: one day, one and one-half day, and two day. The clinics can be designed for one or more organizations or offered in tandem with a conference.


Workshops can be offered on a range of capacity building topics in a variety of formats. Here is a sampling of workshop topics:


Aligning Programs with Organizational Mission, Vision and Values.


Increasing Impact: Tools for Program Assessment and Design Including Logic Models, Outcomes Measurement.


Assessing the Organization’s Portfolio of Programs for Fit, Attractiveness, Competition and Capacity.


Strategic Planning Fundamentals.


Incorporating Strategic Thinking and Planning into Board and Staff Meetings.


Building the Future Focused Board.


Responding to Critical Nonprofit Issues: Using Case Studies.

Technical Assistance

On site technical assistance can be offered to nonprofit organizations as a standalone intervention to address previously identified capacity-building needs.  The assistance can also be offered as a follow-up to a workshop or capacity building clinic.

Large Scale Capacity Building Projects

A large-scale capacity-building initiative can provide a range of capacity-building services to a number of nonprofit organizations. Examples include: a capacity-building project to serve a state network of environmental organizations; nonprofits working in southeastern Wisconsin on the issue of racial justice; or local chapter affiliates of a national nonprofit.

New Capacity-Building Services and Products

We have identified a number of future capacity-building services and products that we are eager to develop. We’re interested in collaborating with funders and other partners in the development of these services. We are available to discuss these services in more detail. Currently under consideration:


Web-based Strategic Planning Tool.


Web-based Program Assessment and Planning Tools.


Strategic Planner Apprenticeship Program. This intensive learning and doing experience in a number of formats will offer leaders information, skills, techniques, and practice opportunities needed for effective facilitation of strategic planning and thinking in nonprofit and public sector organizations.


Gauging Performance by Building the Organizational Dashboard: a Tool for Management and Governance.


Using Program Analysis Tools to Evaluate New Ideas for Programming.


Development of web-based and other distance learning formats for workshops listed above.

For more information about these capacity building resources and services, contact Frank Martinelli, 414-961-2536; frankwill@aol.com.

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