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Tech Tip of the Week:  October 12 - 18, 2014

Disable Auto Resize of Fonts in PowerPoint 2007/2010

In PowerPoint 2007/2010 Auto Resize intentionally shrinks the size of  text as large amounts are added to a slide.  One of the top complaints about PowerPoint slide presentations is that text is too small.  PowerPoint Design Themes were created to force good design by setting font size automatically.  The AutoFit feature defeats this purpose and actually encourages too much text on slides by shrinking it as you type, allowing people to use fonts too small to be seen. To turn this feature off:

bullet Click the Microsoft Office Button in 2007 or the File tab in 2010
bullet Click the PowerPoint Options button
bullet Click Proofing
bullet Click AutoCorrect Options
bullet Click the AutoFormat As You Type tab
bullet Click to clear the check boxes for AutoFit Body text to placeholder and AutoFit title text to placeholder if you want to disable both the body text AND the title text from auto sizing


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