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Tech Tip of the Week:  November 16 - 22, 2014

Create a List with Checkboxes in Word 2007/2010

Here's an easy way to add a list with checkboxes in Word:

bullet Create a bulleted list
bullet Select the list
bullet On the Home tab, in the Paragraphs group, click the arrow on the Bullets button
bullet If a checkbox does not appear on the Bullets drop-down menu, click Define New Bullet
bullet Under Bullet Character, click the Symbol button
bullet From the Symbol menu, click on a checkbox symbol and click OK
bullet You can also select another font, such as Wingdings, and choose a checkbox from this font before clicking OK

This is a quick and simple way to create a checkbox list for printing.  However, it does not allow you to click the checkbox on the screen and check the item off the list. Create a List with Clickable Checkboxes in Word 2010 covers this more advanced technique for creating checkbox lists in Word.

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